Welcome to Mirhez Images. The name Mirhez is a combination of my parents first names, Mir is short for Miriam and Hez is short for Hezekiah. I do this in honor of them.This is a record of Limited edition prints/paintings that I started on December 21, 2008. Currently I will be posting about 3-4 Limited edition prints a week on this blog. If you’d like to have the daily prints/ paintings sent to your email every time a new one is posted enter your email address in the box above. If you would like to purchase a print click here to see available prints up for bid. Thanks for visiting!
Visit the artist website at http://mirhezimaging.webs.com/
Anthony Crudup  Artist Currently living Gainesville , Florida
Artist Statement
The primary principle of my work is to paint from life. Our humanity provides the greatest inspiration for my work. It is through the Spirit of God and the Human Condition that my obsession for the medium is found in larger-than-life representations of the human Spirit on Canvas
I love using the contrasts of shapes ,colors , and textures finding them as we relate to our environments . How our spirit man can be rendered in such glory as we give praise to our creator and God.
With this work I can make my case for the wonderful and marvelous creation  given to us by God. Creating positive images and reflecting mankind’s greatest attribute –LOVE

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