Born August 3, 1960 in Newark, New Jersey to Hezekiah and Miriam Crudup the 5th oldest of 10. As a child there was a great love to copy art from comic books and other materials. Over the years this developed a creative that led Anthony to pursue drawing with great love and affection. After graduating from West Side High School in Newark, New Jersey he attended the University of Minnesota with a major in Communications and a minor in Fine Arts.. It was during this time he developed a great affection towards the creative and its effects on the soul.. During the late 8o’s and early 90’s he began to wane and his interest for art took a back seat to financial dysfunction and social and spiritual unrest. It was during this period Anthony surrendered to his Lord and King Jesus Christ and began the process of healing that allowed and presented him with the freedom to become more expressive, hence developing a style quite unique to him. Currently He is beginning to form into one of the most expressive and prolific artist of his time. It is with the assurance and the Love of Jesus that complels him to look forward to a future of creative and spiritual excellence that will become a blessing to his brothers and sisters in Christ and to the world.
My Inspiration





Anthony and Emmanuel Crudup

”  My Inspiration”


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